Thursday, July 19, 2012

Inside My Purse

Inside my purse is a scary place
the scariest place I know.
Got things in there that growl and moan
things that have hair that grows. (I know, I've seen it)
Is that makeup I see? Lipstick perhaps?
or something I was planning to eat?
And what's that ticking noise I hear?
My son's wind up toy with feet? (I truly hope so)
Every once and a while I have to go in
searching for a license or floss.
But damned if sometimes I don't pull out
a clump of hair or is it moss? (I just tossed it back)
It's a love/hate relationship I have with my purse
I love to spend money on them.
I love the styles, the way that they look
With the new outfit I bought for the gym. (Hey, a girl should always look good.)
The bigger the bag the scarier it gets
with the bottom never to be felt
I just have one thing more to say...
If I'm not out in a minute...send help.

I feel like I have to add an addendum here. This was way before I bought the Coach purse. You would never find food or moss or even floss in that bag.  These were my cheapy bags.

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