Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Feel Like Making Love

Oh yah!!! Just sitting  here thinking about that song...Bad Company! Great song! But really when does he not feel like making love?

It got me thinking, as I am wont to do. About the term "making love". And I have to think that a man, very cleverly, mind you, made this term up.

Think about it. Way back when women didn't really like sex, I mean, can you blame them?  I think there were holes in the sheets strategically aligned with the vag and, well, it doesn't sound very romantic. So, years later, the guys thinking, I'd like to get a little more visual with this hole thing (pun intended). But she's all shy and stuff...so he starts thinking of ways to make it sound more enticing.

"Hey, honey, wanna make a baby?" She's got like 19 children (and counting) and is like "f... you".

Then he tries, "hey, baby doll, wanna help me find some release?" Thinking he'd appeal to her nurturing, helpful side. "Whatever."

Still trying, "Lovey? Want me to sidle up next to you and slip you something you've been dying for?" She's like, "If it's a valium, sure."

"Um, want to intercourse with me? Sexual fun stuff?" Ain't working.

So, you can see how this isn't really going his way. Then he has this brain storm. He's gonna call it making loooovee!!!

Oh, how perfect. What woman wouldn't swoon. And swoon we did. Oh...he wants to make love. To create something. This man who can't even make a grilled cheese, wants to, wants to....oh, he wants to make love to me and with me and make love, make love yipeeeee!!!

Holey sheets were removed and holy sheet we were making love.

So, the moral of this story is. When you want to go out and get your hair done, buy a new whatever, car, doesn't really matter, just call it "making your boobs bigger".

"Honey, I'm going out to make my boobs bigger, okay?" "Sure thing, sweetness, oh can you make me a grilled cheese before you go?"

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  1. HA! Nicely written. I bet that's exactly how it went, too. What teenage girl wouldn't risk pregnancy if a hot guy wanted to make love to her?

    I think I'm going to go "make my boobs bigger" tomorrow...