Monday, January 3, 2011

You Know Your Boobs Are Small...When....

I'm sure this has happened to many, many moms out there....

You're in Pump and Pilates class, thinking that your December hiatus from the gym may not have been a very good idea or that perhaps your top has shrunk because, damned, you can see the sports bra mashing the boobies. Wow. Did I gain weight up there? Funny, they didn't look any bigger this morning.

So, you start working out and during the kick backs to help the ol' triceps, you think to yourself. "Self,  I don't ever remember being able to see your bra straps when you wear your racer back top."

Then it dawns you...your  sports bras are all racer backs!

Then it really dawns on you...'cause even from this bent over, precarious position, you can see that your small boobies are struggling against all hope to be free. Because....are you ready??

You're wearing your 11 year old's training bra....ouch!


  1. I am just so impressed you can fit inside an 11 year old's training bra. Ok, by impressed I mean jealous.

  2. I'm thinking there's not much to be jealous about. :(

  3. This may as well have happened to me. I'm in the itty bitty titty committee too...