Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do I Have A Problem With This?

Okay, I love the idea but it's gotta be wrong on so many levels.

Explanation: Son got invited to Timmy's birthday party. Invite said the day, time, and activity. Great. Invite also told me where I could find Timmy's wish basket. Say, What? Yup, just go into the store, ask the cashier for Timmy's wish basket and viola - pick one, pay for it, and be done.

One the one hand - this is awesome. I don't have to bug my son to come up with something he thinks this kid will like. "I don't know if he likes lego, mom!!" And what about the time savings. It'll take nothing to grab something from that basket and be done.

But the other hand. Is this what birthday presents have come to? Isn't it a gift that we think you'll like? Doesn't Timmy want to be surprised? And what are we teaching the little Timmys of this world? To not only expect to be given something, but exactly what he "wishes" for?  Damn. I remember telling my kids to put on that "it's awesome" face, smile and thank the friend politely. It's a great lesson for later in life, no?

But, it's so convenient. No, it's bad, it's horrible. I'm happy to not have to think about what to get. Sad, really. Hey, don't we do this exact thing for weddings and baby showers? Don't we pick out stuff we want to get? We're only thinking of our guests, making it easy for them, right? Yah, right!

Okay, so back to the 12 year old's party. Where do I stand? I would never do it, but, honestly, I'm glad they did.


  1. I think for showers (wedding/baby) it's different- you're getting them things that they need, starting out the new life, etc. But a birthday? Really? That's pretty fucking shit if you ask me. I probably wouldn't go and I probably would say something about it being tasteless. ESPECIALLY if it was a friend of mine. Holy hell.

  2. Good Post! Personally, I don't agree with 'registries'....I'm not a big fan of being invited to a wedding or shower or ANYTHING and then having the invitee tell me what he or she wants me to buy them! "You'll get what I give you, beitch! So there!" Just my personal opinion.....take it for what it's worth. I never registered anywhere for my weddings, wedding showers or baby showers and I was beyond happy with everything that I recieved!

    And as far as 'Birthday party gift requests''ve got to be kidding.........I don't think so, people! (I was once invited to a neighbors 1 year old son's birthday party and was asked to - not only bring a gift for her son, but a dish to pass as well.......does anyone else think that's weird? I didn't even go, I was so 'ticked'.......and then I sent the child a belated birthday card with nothing in it! So there!)