Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dear Producers of Medium,

That was completely uncalled for.

Killing off my beloved Joe was a joke! Thinking that Allison is going to spend the rest of her life without him causes me heart ache. Not all series finales need to end in death to be great. Okay, Six Feet Under was and will always be the best series ending I have ever seen. And Lost, well...that was okay. But, Joe and Allison? Nope.

That was the one thing we loved about this family...their togetherness, the bond, the family (did I say family?).  It was all about this great family dynamic.  The show provided an escapism into a world that was very similar to our own (which is paradoxical, I guess)  - minus the talking to dead people, of course. You took that away. I mean, even to the point that they weren't together at the very end. She dies was stupid and didn't fit the past 7 years. It was a cop-out! Shame on you.

I think if you had ended the show with last week's episode, I would have been fine. Just Allison going on with her life with her family behind her supporting her. Awesomeness!

So, you will excuse me if I will forever think that Joe and Allison are on their back deck, him lovingly massaging her feet while she blathers on about some poor murdered girl reaching out from behind the grave and haunting her dreams.
Yup, Joe is right beside her.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Do I Have A Problem With This?

Okay, I love the idea but it's gotta be wrong on so many levels.

Explanation: Son got invited to Timmy's birthday party. Invite said the day, time, and activity. Great. Invite also told me where I could find Timmy's wish basket. Say, What? Yup, just go into the store, ask the cashier for Timmy's wish basket and viola - pick one, pay for it, and be done.

One the one hand - this is awesome. I don't have to bug my son to come up with something he thinks this kid will like. "I don't know if he likes lego, mom!!" And what about the time savings. It'll take nothing to grab something from that basket and be done.

But the other hand. Is this what birthday presents have come to? Isn't it a gift that we think you'll like? Doesn't Timmy want to be surprised? And what are we teaching the little Timmys of this world? To not only expect to be given something, but exactly what he "wishes" for?  Damn. I remember telling my kids to put on that "it's awesome" face, smile and thank the friend politely. It's a great lesson for later in life, no?

But, it's so convenient. No, it's bad, it's horrible. I'm happy to not have to think about what to get. Sad, really. Hey, don't we do this exact thing for weddings and baby showers? Don't we pick out stuff we want to get? We're only thinking of our guests, making it easy for them, right? Yah, right!

Okay, so back to the 12 year old's party. Where do I stand? I would never do it, but, honestly, I'm glad they did.

Monday, January 3, 2011

You Know Your Boobs Are Small...When....

I'm sure this has happened to many, many moms out there....

You're in Pump and Pilates class, thinking that your December hiatus from the gym may not have been a very good idea or that perhaps your top has shrunk because, damned, you can see the sports bra mashing the boobies. Wow. Did I gain weight up there? Funny, they didn't look any bigger this morning.

So, you start working out and during the kick backs to help the ol' triceps, you think to yourself. "Self,  I don't ever remember being able to see your bra straps when you wear your racer back top."

Then it dawns you...your  sports bras are all racer backs!

Then it really dawns on you...'cause even from this bent over, precarious position, you can see that your small boobies are struggling against all hope to be free. Because....are you ready??

You're wearing your 11 year old's training bra....ouch!