Monday, November 1, 2010

Writing Prompt #1

Okay, so I came across this blogging site and they are encouraging people to write a blog a day for a month. Could I do this? Well, they give you writing prompts and  I'm thinking, I'm a little stuck right now - why not? A whole month? Maybe not, but let's see what happens...

"Japanese lore suggests that if you fold 1,000 paper cranes, your wish will come true. What would your wish be, and what would you be willing to do 1,000 times to get it?"

Well, I wouldn't fold 1,000 cranes because then I would end up murdering my family and that would land me in a host of trouble. Soooo...what would I be willing to do 1,000 times to get my wish? Make out with Sting? No? Oh, it has to be something tedious and awful? Of course it does 'cause you wouldn't get a wish if you had to do something enjoyable.

I would watch 1,000 episodes of iCarly. No. I take that back. I would paint 1,000 little girls' fingernails. Oh, that's just absurd. I would - wow this is hard. I would listen to 1,000 Biggie Smalls' songs? NOOOO!!!

I have a question. Are these lame wishes like a new car or vacation or an addition on the house? Or can we bring someone back that left us too early? 'Cause if we can...

...I WOULD eat 1,000 live worms!


  1. Dude- I'd do nothing. Mostly because I'm lazy and about half way thorugh I would really wonder if the wishes were even worth it. ;)

  2. LOL Sara - that's why I had to put that last line, 'cause really all the other wishes would NOT be worth it.

  3. 1,000 is a HUGE number. I agree with you, that wish had better be good!

  4. I'd have sex 1000 times with Nathan Fillion if I could have sex 1000 times with Nathan Fillion