Monday, November 22, 2010

Really? She Had To Remove Her Breast??

(((We interrupt this regularly scheduled silly blog....)))

I really don't like to get involved in anything too controversial. And I will keep myself completely unbiased where the scanning and pat downs at airports are concerned. But WTF?????

This poor woman, opted to be patted down at the airport instead of being shot with a bunch of radiation. I completely understand. Radiation scares me too.  I am always fighting my dentist about sticking that thing on the side of my head. But this woman is a cancer survivor.  She's sensitive for a good reason. So, she goes for the ol' touchy feely.

The attendant, with her hand cupped around this woman's breast, thought it felt a little strange and asked for an explanation. The woman told her it was a prosthetic breast. The attendant then asked her to remove it. Say, WHAT????

Read the article here. I got nothing else to say.

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