Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Little Pink Washcloth

When I was pregnant with my fourth child, many of my friends had suggested that this time I not find out the sex of the baby. I had found out with all three of my boys. I loved knowing the sex, but we decided, "why not?" we'll wait.

Throughout my pregnancy I kept looking for signs,  Was I carrying differently? A little. Was I more ill this time around? A little. Someone had mentioned that girls suck the life out of you - ha. So, they all assumed I was carrying a boy, because I looked fabby.

Looking for the signs was actually obsessive fun. It was exciting not knowing what I was having, but at the same time, driving me nuts. Were these things in my mind, or were they "signs" from the other world? 'Cause we know all my deceased relatives have nothing better to do, then play head games with an expectant mom. They're all up there, sipping coffee, nudging each other "Look, she thinks that sign on the mailbox that says "It's a Girl" is for her" Bahahahah! "Let's have an 'Its A Boy' balloon float into her yard," Hahaha, LOL, ROCLMAO (Rolling on cloud...) and all that stuff. Well, let them laugh.

But there were some weird things that happened during my pregnancy, or was I just looking for them - 

When I'd go in for my monthly appointments the nurses would record the baby's heart rate. It was slightly higher than the boys (someone told us that girls are higher).

I was due after Thanksgiving but since all my boys were ridiculously late, I was preparing for a Christmas baby (my third was 13 days late). Anyway, I was making out my Christmas card list, and called a girl friend. When I told her I needed a "couple addresses," she misunderstood and started screaming - wahoooo!!! I was completely confused until I realized she thought I said "a couple of dresses." Simple misunderstanding?? Perhaps!

During one of my appointments, my OB asked me what birth order I was, I told her I was fourth after three boys, she said she was too.  She told me that was very interesting. I think she even scratched her chin. This was a new OB.

Right before I was due. I had a dream. Now I don't put a lot of stock into dreams, I'm very pragmatic in my thinking that dreams are simply our subconscious trying to work out the problems of the day or in our life. I had a dream that my uncle, who had passed away, was smiling at me holding the hand of a little girl who, in my dreams, was my daughter. He stroked her cheek and sent her off. I didn't know where, but I wasn't worried. I woke up and smiled, but really only because my uncle had never before, or has since, shown himself to me in my dreams. We know the other side can manipulate dreams. Ever watch Medium?? Huh??

When my third son was born, I was given a wash cloth set. They were tiny, terry and had different colored boarders. I took the pink one out and placed it in my closet under my turtlenecks. I was going to save this particular one, you know, just in case. One evening, I was in my closet, checked under the turtle necks and it wasn't there. I searched the entire closet, but it was gone. Later on, I had brought my basket of laundry up to my bed to fold and when I was folding my pink (extremely worn) pregnancy nightie, I felt something inside. I reached in, and because of all the static cling, the little pink washcloth was stuck inside my pink nightie. Hmmmm. Strange. How did this little washcloth get stuck in the laundry? My laundry basket is kept in the bathroom not my closet.

When I was about to deliver, we still didn't have a boys name. We just couldn't decide, we had used up the ones we loved. We had a girl's name. I was really starting to panic. When they took the heart rate it was extremely high and my husband was just all calm and said, "I don't think we have to worry about the boy's name." And here I thought it was high because I was panicking.

The big reveal!!

When I delivered, I was so excited that I beat my 9 minute pushing record (7 minutes, thank you very much), I forgot all about the thrill of hearing what sex the baby was. No one yelled "IT'S A WHATEVER" like I had imagined 100 times.

I forgot that I didn't know. I was just happy it was out. But asking what the sex was, was just never a question I had to ask before. After they had sucked the nose, someone mentioned it being a girl. I was all, "Say what??" I will admit that when they handed her to me, I did peek to make sure.

So any sure signs? Naw...but you gotta admit, the little pink washcloth makes you wonder :)

Oh, BTW I called my friend back and told her I needed a couple of dresses and yes, I used the little pink wash cloth on my new little daughter.

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  1. That is soooooo sweet! I'm glad you got your little girl, and I was tickled to read all the signs. :-D