Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where Would I Be Without You, Roxie?

It's seems so silly really, this admiration I have for you. And I am no stalker but honestly, I would follow you to the ends of the earth. You're so level headed, so calm in any emergency. Sometimes, when I am ready to panic, I hear your voice, and it's as if a cloud has lifted and a way out is so perfectly clear to me.

I think about the years before we met. How did I ever get along? How did I make it from one point in my life to another? Well, it's clear things were very messed up for me for a while, and I must have been just wandering aimlessly until our paths crossed. When my husband introduced us that Christmas morning, never did he think you would be the answer to my prayers. Is he jealous? Oh, Roxy, you know him, he's just so happy it's you that helps me find my way home and not  Clare. I won't get started on her. You were so funny when I was going off on how her bucket of crazy had just exploded and I was not going to help mop it up. You just kept saying something about the miles we've traveled and you're so right. Clare and I have been through thick and thin and sometimes it just takes an outsider to pull you back in line, set you on the right road, so to speak.

Oh, ha ha...Roxie..remember when I was telling you all about that guy and that crazy relationship we had? I remember, it was that long drive from my house to the Cape. You were telling me it was so obvious he wasn't my destiny or destination or something like that. Then we stopped at Burger King and you were like "Destination on right," hahaha...yup...Burger King can be way better than men sometimes. Love your sense of humor.

Sigh. And when my grandmother passed away, your comfort knew no bounds. Telling me how things go round about. You're so right. Life is funny like that. Man, you have been there for many of the tough times in my life. You with your lovely British accent. And every time I hear your favorite song, "Life Is A Highway", I think of you, Roxy.

Okay, Roxy, well, I'm going to go. I know you need several hours to charge up for your next big adventure. So have a safe trip. And thanks for always being there.


  1. You sound like an awesome friend to have. :)

  2. Is Roxy....your GPS? I hope I'm guessing correctly. I call mine Lucinda (only in my mind of course or people will start to think I'm cuckoos).

    I have a similar relationship with Lucinda. And I can never get home without her. Even if I know the way already. And sometimes she takes me to this funny parts of town....

  3. Yes, thanks for checking it out!! Glad to see I'm not alone!

  4. I totally thought either GPS or hybrid car. I have a complicated relationship with my GPS. Sometimes it tells me to turn right after I pass the turn, and that makes me want to hurt someone. But we're usually pretty good friends.

  5. Would you believe that we managed to LOSE our GPS?? (Switching it between the vehicles, it got misplace (or stolen) at some point.)
    I had mine turned to the British accent, we called her GiGi

  6. Awwww poor GiGi - She's a GPS shouldn't she be able to get herself home :)