Saturday, October 16, 2010

Small Pleasures

When I was eating a Whopper Jr. from Burger King ($1 on the value menu), I contemplated have a glass of wine with my meal.

It seemed rather sad and so unlike a wine-worthy meal that I didn't. But it got me thinking. Am I an alcoholic? No - that wasn't what I was thinking.

I was thinking so what if it seems a little sad and desperate. Small pleasures, of which wine and BK are two of mine, add up to a very enjoyable evening.

And isn't that what we are trying to do on this little spinning ball? Find pleasurable moments. Some of my small pleasures (feel free to add some of your own):

Wine...Unwinding pleasure.
Whopper Jr...With fries. Salty pleasure.
Kicking a stone down the street - Pleasurable until you kick it into the woods.
Sitting by the ocean - Calming the mind. Pleasing the spirit.
Slipping naked between the sheets - I'm talking about walking over naked, lifting the sheets naked and slipping in naked. Naked.Naked.Naked. (Seinfeld pleasure)
First cup of coffee in the morning - Pleasurably waking up.
Perfectly cooked (medium rare) Filet Mignon - "It's what's for dinner" pleasure.
Turning the first page of the novel you've been dying to read - Pleasurable anticipation.
An email from a close friend - Sentimental pleasure.
Raw cake batter - Salmonella pleasure.
Mosaic of leaves scattered on the ground - Crunchy pleasure.
Staring up at a starry night -Pleasurably awed.
Chocolate - A creamy, heart racing, savory pleasurable experience.

...imagine slipping naked between the sheets with wine AND chocolate?!

Not desperate. Happy.


  1. An email from a Distant friend - smiley pleasure.

    Have a great week

  2. testing, testing.... I love this post!

  3. naked with wine chocolate and a book you have been looking forward to reading. My absolute favorite thing to do when DH takes the boys camping.

    Sometimes with sushi.

  4. naked between the sheets at a beachouse with a glass of wine, chocolate, and a good book. wow. perfect.