Thursday, September 9, 2010

If I forget - Happy Anniversary, Sweetie!

This month my husband and I are celebrating an anniversary - 20 years! Considering I got married at 13, I'm a young 46 year old.

I would like to share a few snippets from married life then to married!

Then: I come home to find yellow post-it notes leading me to the bedroom, which is not only candle lit, but also has little pieces of chocolate strewn on the bed...he's getting to know me.

Now: I come home to find yellow post it notes on the fridge reminding me to pick up my own chocolate 'cause..."isn't that time of month coming?"....yup, he knows me!

Then: All bathroom "duties" were done with the door closed and locked, window open just in case, fan running drowning out the loveliness.

Now: Bathroom door hasn't been closed since 1994. Not only do I see but I hear all the loveliness. That's okay, I'm too busy cutting my toe nails to notice.

Then: Dinner was prepared together, side by side. Jazz played on the stereo in the other room. Wine was poured, table set, conversation ensued.

Now: Wine is handed to him as soon as he walks in. He's careful not to trip over the garbage bags that line up like little soldiers waiting to be brought to the basement. Homework is checked, piano and/or guitar practices are nagged over, money is asked for (surprisingly not by me), reading lists are signed and lights out. Dinner? Oops!

Then: "Honey, I filled your gas tank for the work week."

Now: "Honey, while you're getting gas, have them rotate the tires and fill the washer fluid looks like it might snow. Oh, and pick me up some of those Slim Jims."

Then: "Oh, Sweetie, you look so beautiful. That dress is amazing on you. How did I get so lucky? I'm going to wear the tan pants and new blue shirt you bought me. That'll match your dress nice, right?

Now: "I'm not changing."

Then: "Happy Anniversary, sweetie. I made dinner reservations at your favorite place."

Now: Billy has lacrosse practice at 6. Shelly has gymnastics until 7:30. John wants the car but I'm gonna need to bring that casserole over to the Martins. Margie is feeling better but I still think it's nice to help since Chuck has been laid off. What time do you have to be at the meeting? Okay, you drop off Billy, go to the meeting and then when you're done grab him. DON'T let him talk you into going to McDonald's afterward. It's a school night. I'll drop off the casserole and then grab Shelly from gymnastics. Oh, while they were filling my tires with air, they told me we are going to need to replace all four. We good?


  1. Nice post! Glad to have found your blog.

    I am 4 months married. I know nothing....

  2. Congrats on the marriage. We all knew nothing starting'll learn (quickly)!

    Nice to meet you.