Thursday, September 16, 2010

An Outpouring of Love...on Facebook!

Say what you will about Facebook. I have only been on the bandwagon for a year or so (my first year I was only keeping tabs on my son's page, yup, I am one of those moms) because I couldn't understand the concept. Now, I get it. And although I am less likely to post what I am doing/feeling/eating/cleaning, I will post pictures for relatives and I will check all my friends' pages to see what they are doing/feeling/eating/cleaning. Why do I care? Who the heck knows.

But my post today is on the somber side. A young girl in our town, 16, passed away this week from complications of viral meningitis. My son was friends with her and took several classes with her. This has hit him incredibly hard. It is so hard for me to find words for him as I was 31 the first time a friend passed away. I can't imagine being 16!

This is where help a very unexpected place. The posts that are being written on this young lady's Facebook wall are simply amazing. These are young people writing unbelievably powerful posts. None are ashamed at posting their raw emotions; all are giving voice to their abundant joy at having know her. Posts are from dear, dear friends, family, her boyfriend, school pals, church friends and kids that didn't even know her. The list goes on and on and the posts have got to be nearing the hundreds.

By writing, these kids still feel connected to her. It is obvious, in the words they choose, that they are letting her know, where ever she is, that she is loved and missed terribly. They are also letting her know how much she touched their lives, helped their lives, inspired them and they will never forget. The love they are showing this family and this girl is breathtaking.

Say what you will about Facebook, but this is a way for young people to grieve like there's never been. And for that, Facebook, thank you.

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