Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Go Away, I'm Blogging!"

My 10 year old daughter wants my attention. Something about watching her new dance routine. Or did she ask me to wash her jeans?

My 12 year old son wants me to drive him to his friend's house across town...NOW!

My 14 year old son asked if I could come watch him reach that final level on COD. Or maybe he's asking to have fish for dinner?

My 16 year old son ignores me as he lumbers by.

My husband just asked "what's for dinner?" I told him fish.

I have an addictive personality and it ain't pretty.

Flashback to 1990: It was a little game called Tetris. You may remember. There had been nothing like it before. All those shapes falling faster and faster. Do I turn this one? Can I move it quick enough? Oh, it was pure joy. And really, it was my husband's fault - putting that 6,000 lb. computer in my bedroom. Yes, we were newly married and short on space so in the bedroom it went. He still gets the shakes when anyone mentions this game.

Jump to 1997: Online backgammon this time. Ah yes, remember it well -- playing with people in different countries, racking up the points. Family? They were there, I am sure. I mean, I did have two toddlers and was pregnant with a third, how could I not hear them? Plus, I think it was they who planned the intervention.

Present day: Now I'm trapped in the blog-o-sphere. I know there are things I could be doing. Heck, should be doing. But this thing about how I'm not doing anything that I should or could be doing isn't going to write itself.



  1. Bwahaha! Set a timer dear, or better yet promise yourself chocolate if you get off the computer. :) Thanks for writing - enjoy your posts.

  2. I've been there: Tetris ruled my life when my son was in kindergarten. Now I blog. But four kids....I am impressed that you find/make the time for yourself. Good job!

  3. They are all in school so finding the time for me is a little easier. Chocolate might just work :)

  4. Heck , Just keep bloggin'... I'LL come over and cook the fish!!!