Thursday, September 23, 2010

Get The Hook!

I am totally Smitt(s)-en. Ever since that scene on NYPD Blue when Jimmy Smitts' character stood against the wall ready to plant one on Kim Delaney's character, wearing nothing but his boxer briefs. Oh, yes...great television back then, no?

Where was I? Yes, I was writing a review of Jimmy Smitts' new show Outlaw. I am not a reviewer by any stretch (I think I made this disclaimer before), however; every once in a while I have to opine if I feel something is really good or really awful. And I feel bad that this show may end up in the awful bucket. I really wanted to give this a chance. Fool me once Jimmy shame on you (Cane) but fool me twice...

And honestly, I started out really hoping Outlaw would have this amazing hook that would pull me in and make yet another crime solving show interesting to watch.

Back to Outlaw. Smitts' character Cyrus is a judge, then he's not a judge, now he's the attorney and he's going to defend a man who has been wrongfully imprisoned. Okay, cool. Then...and I'm almost embarrassed for them. Enter Lisbeth...oops sorry Lucinda. The hip dressing, ultra cool chick/private investigator with a tongue that airs on the side of naughty. She even mentions that she's "bi".

Oh no they didn't!!

I paused the show and said to my husband "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" he said, "I'm thinking exactly what you are thinking". Our mystery was solved when Lisbeth...oops Lucinda says she was going to hack into the computer system to get some information. So now she's a computer hacker? That's ingenious! And I am sure in her past she tried to burn..never mind. I don't want to give away the story if, on the off chance, you are of the remaining few that have not yet read "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo".

Oh yes, they did!!

So, on this show goes. Yes, they toss a football around while brainstorming the case; yes, they win the case and yes, they have burgers and basketball to celebrate. B-o-r-i-n-g! No hook. Now the word hook is starting to irritate me.

Cyrus looks great but I am still not sure what makes this show different or compelling. Please don't tell me its Lisbeth...oops Lucinda. I feel duped. I know... Maybe Cyrus will solve one of his cases donned only in his undies? Or what if Cyrus gets killed and his body is still there but his mind is replaced with...say....Anna Nicole Smith!!!

They could call it Drop Dead "Damn Jimmy Smitts is Hot"!

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