Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If You Need A Good Laugh

Now, normally I don't care what celebrities are wearing. I never watch the Red Carpet shows where they fawn all over the vintage gown or laugh that the celeb could be that blind. Swans on your dress? Whatever. I have seen things on the cover of Vogue that make me shake my head, but it's fashion so what do I know?

But what has made me laugh in the last couple days is a blog I stumbled upon (oh, I found that site, too...www.stumbleupon.com by the by) the other day: http://gofugyourself.celebuzz.com/. From what I have surmised in the last day or two of pouring through this blog, is there are two women writing and trashing celebs in their choice of clothing. Again, not really that interesting, to me - but it's how funny they actually are. Really funny! They insert the word FUG (from fugly) in everything from the the celeb's name to what they are wearing to conversations they pretend the celebs are having. I'm sorry, it is just plain funny. Check it out and see if I'm wrong.

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