Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Blame Dateline...

...or some TV show like that.

If it wasn't for them and their stupid exposes (I don't know where that little mark on my keyboard to put over the second e is) on gross things that people do, I never would have thought of it. I never would have to have spent a good chunk of my vacation time thinking about hidden cameras.

We've all seen the episode(s) where they expose (this is the word without the little mark) the guy who installs a hidden camera in a hotel room or the bathroom or the reputable clothing store that hides cameras in their dressing rooms. It makes most people think "hmmmmm...people are weird". It makes me think "hmmmm...this is a lovely rental cottage. What if the owners are pervs and they've installed cameras in the bathroom or bedroom or even weirder, in the kitchen." "What if they get off on watching me eat a muffin (Yes, I said that. Aren't you glad I didn't say banana?) or God forbid my shower rituals."

And speaking of shower rituals, what if I am doing it all wrong? What if it's not shampoo, conditioner, shave legs while you wait that 1-3 minutes for the conditioner to work, rinse, soap up, rinse and towel off.

But that's not really what's bothering me and you know it. How would we ever be able to prove that there are hidden cameras? We can't. I mentioned it to my sister and husband who both shrugged their shoulders and said "Well, if we don't know about it, who cares. If they post it on Youtube, then we'd have a problem."

Really? I'm grossed out now that my vacation is over and I'm thinking of Hank and Carol (not real names) sitting down to watch. Do they have popcorn? Are they laughing when they watch? Rewinding the good parts? Do they ever invite friends over?

Good Lord, did I ever drop the soap??

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