Sunday, August 1, 2010

Didn't Your Mom Ever Teach You About Sharing?

I'm in the middle of a crisis.

I love to read. I love to buy and share books. I love going to the library and borrowing books. I love talking about books that I loved reading (I'm on Goodreads, look me up). It used to be so easy. Buy a book, share the ones you love, put the ones you don't love on a shelf and hopefully remember that you didn't love it when you pull it down 5 years later to reread.

Life was great. It was all so simple when sharing that good book gave you a thrill. When you couldn't wait for your friend to finish so you could both gab about it. Sharing... such a great concept.

So now they've come up with an ereader. Okay, I'm intrigued. I love gadgets and this electronic device allows me to download books (in seconds). Wow - that's fantastic! Sign me up. Wait...what? I can't share my books? Hold the phone. You're taking half the fun away. I don't want to tell someone they have to buy this great book. Some of these books are $9.99. This may seem like peanuts compared to the hardcover book, but it adds up. What if my friend hated my book selection and spent good money on it? Nope, gotta share.I know the Nook will allow you to share with someone up to two weeks. That's hardly enough time for me to read, say..Pillars of the Earth. And then what happens? You wake up to find your book gone? Eek, that would be too awful!

Why, Why, Why can't you just pass a book along? "They are not making money when you do that." Yah, well, I have 5 books that my friend just gave me sitting on my desk, no one is making money on those either. "It's like iTunes, you can't share songs". Well, a song is a buck. When they sell the books for a buck, maybe I won't have a leg to stand on.

I think that more people would buy the Kindle, the Nook and the iPad if we could all share our books. More people would buy books so they could get the thrill of sharing said books, am I wrong?? I bet I would actually buy MORE books than I buy now 'cause it would be easier to purchase, easier to share and they are less expensive than the actual book.

I am reading a book on a borrowed Kindle right now and I love it. I thought I would miss the page turning and feel of a book, but I got right over that. With the click of a button, I am on the page where I left off. The font can be increased (my mom loves that!). The "book" will never be any bigger than the size of the Kindle and fits in my purse. I really do love this. What I can't get over, and frankly, really won't ever get over is not being able to pass a book on when I'm done reading.

Come on, guys, be nice...share!

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