Friday, August 6, 2010

Back Out Of All This Now Too Much For Us

I love saying this title – from the Robert Frost poem Directive – it just sort of rolls off the tongue. I love it even more now that I want to live it!

I am not really thinking about packing up and moving the family to the Tuscan hills of Italy (wait...that sounds really nice...we could pick our own grapes or is it olives? We could walk to the market to get cheese, wine and bread, I would wear one of those flowered flowing would be really peaceful...).

No. I am thinking about mindful living during the every day insanity. Finding the moments to feel connected to the places, people and things you choose to surround yourself with daily.

Being present is something I have been working on lately. It is a difficult practice, one I have a hard time with myself. Clearing the mind of all thought - whew! I can manage that for about 10 seconds and inevitably someone comes knocking. It's okay, I read somewhere that that is all part of it. Try and keep the guests at bay. Mindful living is, at its core, why we are all here, no? To soak up the events of our day as they are occurring is a blessing, to be completely focused is inspirational. But dang hard. Even as I write this, I am fighting the guests that want me to think about dinner, c'mon guys...gimme just 10 seconds.

But, I must say that when things go a little bonkers around here, I think these words and focus on what's happening in my life and for a moment, a moment, mind you, I CAN back out of all this...and boy...does it feel good!!

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