Saturday, July 24, 2010

Toe Tap Booty Bounce

Drop Dead Diva is quickly turning out to be my favorite summer tv show. This show really is as delightfully refreshing as (I'm thinking mint julep, but I've never had one) a refreshing new show ought to be. I am not a critic, but in my own way I will try and explain why I love this show!

Brooke Elliott portrays Jane Bingum, the dowdy over weight attorney with not much of a life until a literally life altering accident. After presumable dying from a gun shot wound, Jane's body becomes host to Deb. Deb, the slightly air-headed model (the one who perfected the toe, tap, booty bounce) is killed in a car accident - she's applying nail polish and runs into a grapefruit truck. Sad. But not really.

Deb dies and goes to heaven, which looks like a mall. Maybe that's Deb's heaven. After she meets Fred, he explains that she has never done anything bad or anything good in her life. She doesn't want to hear this and pushes the return button landing perfectly into Jane's lifeless body. Now the fun begins.

Brook Elliott does a fantastic job incorporating Deb's style and panache into her brainiac head. Deb, as Jane, says "I'm smart." and begins to win case after case. And to credit Deb, not all of these wins are because of Jane's aforementioned smarts. You can see Deb's thinking in a lot of what Jane is doing, especially the toe, tap, booty bounce. Love it.

It's a light, fresh, fun little show. Kudos Brooke and the gang!!

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