Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thin Women Can Complain

I'm thin. Not ghostly, bone protruding thin, but for an over forty year old woman I am doing all right, sort of. I work out, eat right, eat wrong, I am raising 4 children (two of whom will be in high school this coming fall), I drink wine. I also complain about my body. I complain about my expanding waist and my sagging boobs. The weight is creeping up and no one likes that I want to complain about it. Yes, you heard right - I'm complaining and I say we thin gals have a right! My friends roll their eyes when I tell them it's hard to find a size 3 (2s can be snug on the old butt and 4s bag on my waist). "Oh such problems," they mutter - not so I can't hear them, mind you. I get it. People want to be thin, but I am watching things happen to my body, too. Why can't I complain about them? I have a belly roll. I don't like my belly roll. Why do you laugh when I show it to you? My butt has gotten bigger, it has! And it depresses me. Do I have to have a butt you could land a plane on for you to acknowledge that my bigger self icks me out like yours does? Let us thin friends into your circle of misery, that's all we ask. I want to be able to say to you "Oh, I shouldn't have that" when we both stare at the double chocolate layer cake and have you tell me "no, you shouldn't". I want you to nod your head in understanding when I complain that I DO need Spanx under that new dress and I want you to mean it!!!


  1. I love this post! I so agree with you, and I don't even wear a 2, I am more of an 8 or 10, but you totally got it: our bodies are also changing, and not for the better!

    Thanks for the kind words you said about my blog, by the way! Nice to meet you.

  2. Thanks Andrea! I'm having fun with this blogging thing, thanks for following! I look forward to reading your posts and nice to meet you, too.