Saturday, July 24, 2010

She Makes Me Laugh

I'm talking about Kelly Ripa. I don't often watch this show because I am usually at the gym. However, since it's summer time and the living is easy, I am taking that to heart. The living is really easy when I don't have to work out and rarely cook dinner. Anyway, back to Kelly. I only watch their dialog, the first 15 minutes of the show, but I watch it faithfully each morning wondering how she is going to make me laugh today...and she never disappoints. I want to be your friend, Kelly. I'll even go to the gym with you but I won't stand near you because that would just be cruel (really? have you seen her arms). Then we can go have coffee and share stories about the kids. Then you can invite me and my hubby to the Hamptons for the weekend with you and Mark and we'll have wine and laughter. Eek this is turning out weird...I just wanted to say how much I enjoy that 15 minutes in the morning.

Don't worry, hubby, summer is only so long.

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